Icelandic Horses for Sale

If you have never ridden or seen an Icelandic horse you are in for an exciting experience. One of the gentlest of horses, the Icelandic is known as the “horse of the Vikings.”  For over a thousand years the breed was developed and maintained in isolation in Iceland of extremely pure stock. Today’s horse is used increasingly where endurance and strength need to be combined with good nature and intelligence. The Icelandic is not a pony, do not be deceived by the relatively small size. Many large men ride this horse with great comfort and ease. The Icelandic has five natural gaits. Today's Icelandic is truly a horse of many uses. Great around the family, out on the trail and even for a little dressage!

We are passionate about Icelandics, and wherever you are in North America we can help you with your Icelandic horse needs.All of our horses have been handled and are well mannered. All prices are subject to change.

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