Regulations change from time to time and for current requirements contact the US government.

All horses are in standard arrival quarantine close to the airport. If blood tests for infectious anemia (Coggins test), piroplasmosis, glanders and dourine prove to be negative this is only for 2 to 3 days.

Positive samples are unusual in horses from Western European countries but the risk of piroplasmosis is quite high if your horse has been to Russia, Southern Europe or the South of France. In these cases a pre-export test is probably worthwhile.

Mares and stallions more than 2 years of age (731 days) proceed to CEM (sexually transmitted diseases) quarantine after the standard quarantine. CEM quarantine must take place at officially prescribed farms and they must be transported in a sealed vehicle.

Mares: Within 30 days of export CEM swabs from clitoris fossa and clitoris sinus must be negative. This testing takes 14 days and is repeated in the United States during CEM quarantine. Quarantine after arrival at the prescribed farm takes at least 14 days.

Stallions: Within 30 days of export CEM swabs from fossa glandis, sinus urethralis and from the surface of prepuce must return negative. Testing takes about 14 days. Stallions must cover two mares, obtained especially for that purpose, and must undergo a special testing program together with these mares.

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